Your Life’s Partner through the Journey of Wellness

Your Life’s Partner through the Journey of Wellness

Combining resources and healthcare for a more accessible pathway to well-being.

Enhanced Care Management

A patient-centered approach to healthcare that coordinates medical, behavioral, and social services to meet the complex needs of patients.

Community Support

The assistance and resources provided in order to foster a supportive, inclusive, and empowered environment for better living conditions.

Behavioral Health

The connection of health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit, to empower mental health, overcome substance abuse, and more.

Medical Transportation

Transporting patients who require medical attention and to support patient needs in deliverance transit needs for health criteria’s.

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A few use cases by our Members through a true partnership

Reach Your Goals through Pacific Health

Pacific Health Group delivers solutions through Mental & Behavioral Health,
Social Determents and Housing Challenges.


Finding A New Doctor

Mr. Sherman struggled to find a new doctor after switching insurance plans. Feeling frustrated, he contacted Pacific Health Group. Quickly, his new Lead Care Manager sprang into action. Leveraging resources, they located a physician meeting his needs within hours. An appointment was scheduled that same week, thanks to Pacific’s responsive support.


A Complicated Divorce

After his divorce, Mark felt lost, struggling to find meaning. Pacific Health provided the clarity he needed through compassionate behavioral health services. With their support, Mark gained insight into his grief and rediscovered inner resilience. Now with renewed hope, he looks ahead to embrace new dreams and opportunities.


Financial Burden

Facing eviction, single mom Jenny was stressed and unsure where to turn. Pacific Health Group’s community team quickly assisted, helping her find affordable housing and covering the down payment. With their compassionate support, Jenny secured new housing, avoiding homelessness. She was deeply grateful for their critical assistance during this challenging time.


Healthy Living

Despite trying diets, 46-year-old Mike remained 275 pounds, worrying his doctor. With overeating habits and a busy work schedule, he felt lost. Pacific Health Group referred Mike to a nutritionist who designed a customized 6-month meal plan. With weekly coaching and tailored advice, Mike lost 40 pounds in 3 months, regaining motivation to reach his goals.

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Pacific Health serves as your foremost choice for managed health care solutions.

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Let’s work together to cultivate well-being.

Transform your life and achieve your goals with a life partner to help you over come general necessities of wellbeing.

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Join the Pacific Health Group Family.

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